Content TEAM

The content team are primarily involved in arranging the various speakers for our conference. Being on the content team is an important role since it is the ideas, perspectives and insights of the speakers’ talks that make TEDx stand out. The team is responsible for finding and contacting external speakers, organising the student speaker competition, and managing all the speakers throughout the weekend of the event. This role, would therefore suit someone who is personable, confident in reaching out to potential speakers and is a good communicator.


The events team essentially deals with the founding blocks of TEDx. You will be responsible for putting together the logistical side of the conference and of the launch party, as well as making sure these events run smoothly on the day. If you have a pragmatic mind and a will to keep things organised, this is the position that will suit you.


The marketing team are responsible for communicating with our audience about what we’re up to and how others can get involved. This will include coming up with innovative ways for students and the local community to engage with TEDx. If you have a creative mindset, and are good with social media and/or videography & graphic design then this role is ideal for you! There will also be a Social Media manager who is responsible for content posted on Instagram and Facebook (if you are interested in this role please specify this in your application)


The sponsorship team holds one of the core responsibilities in TEDx, as sponsors are an integral part of the event. This role will therefore require someone with excellent salesmanship, determination and communication skills in order to create and maintain strong relations with all our sponsors.




The Treasurer plays a vital role in the TEDx committee. He/she is responsible for overseeing the financial administration of TEDx - from incoming money from sponsors to outgoing money for events - and advises the committee on the best ways of using available funds. This role is ideal for someone who is good with numbers, has experience of financial control and budgeting, has an eye for detail and is strong-willed and will be capable of financially advising the committee.

Although you will apply to work within a specific team, we are a small committee and everyone will be involved in all the different aspects of the event.

We look forward to hearing from you!